We Provide “Full Spectrum” Cyber Security Services

Cyber Security Essentials for Small and Medium Businesses

Our Cyber Security Essential services is designed to provide Small and Medium businesses with the necessary Security awareness and training to minimize the risk of a Cyber-attacks across the organization.

Cyber Security Program for the Enterprise

The Master Class security offer is designed for Board of Directors & CXO's of Large organisations & Governments Institutions who require the most up to data and holistic approach to security their organizations.

Education & Certification of the New Cyber Workforce

TRCC provides educational services to Post Secondary Cyber Security educational institutions providing the latest advancements in Enterprise and Critical Infrastructure Cyber Resiliency programs to prepared students for real-world environments.

Advanced Research

TRCC have direct involvement on Advance Cyber Security Research to ensure the latest Cyber Threats, Detection and Prevention techniques.

Certified Security Education Solutions
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5 Key Reasons to Work With Us

We add “Business Value” from Day One

TRCC works with your organization to help construct efficient Cyber Defense programs that not only guard your infrastructure, but also add value to your business functions. We aim to quantify and communicate this value in all our engagements from day 1.

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One Stop Shop for Cyber Risk and Resilience Advisory Services

TRCC provides full spectrum cost effective and efficient business driven Cyber Security solutions. Our comprehensive Cyber Security approach helps organizations effectively and efficiently Capture, Create and Deliver Business Value with IT, in a Secure, Reliable, Cost Effective and Simple Manner. We focus on your IT so you can focus on your business.

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Dedicated and Driven Team of Highly Skilled Professionals

We have specialists in every area of Cyber Defense to deliver the results you need. Field expert knowledge combined with international experience means you have the depth of experience and knowledge you need to maximize your business value.

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Tailored Security Education and Awareness Workshops

We deliver value added Security Education Training and Awareness solutions to strengthen the “Human and Digital Network” of your organisation for the next era of Digital Transformation, Defense and Security challenges.

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International Network of Leading Cyber Security Technology Vendors

We have a great network of world’s leading technology vendors and Cyber Research Organisations in every area of Cyber Security operating in commercial to National Defence domains to deliver the results you need.

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