Our 90 Day Data Protection and Privacy Readiness Solution

Using GDPR - the international “Gold” standard, this service provides organisations with in-depth awareness of handling of Private Data through-out the business. Regardless of size of the business, Private Data must be handled properly throughout its Lifecycle. This includes the Collection of Private Data, how it's stored and accessed, how its processed, and eventually deleted when no longer required.

Our GDPR readiness in 90 days method is based on best practices and have 3 main implementation phases (Understand, Improve and Control) divided into 6 simple to implement steps to help you leverage business value with GDPR. It also includes a phase timeline to monitor the progress.

The phase timeline for each step is suggestive and may change depending on the context and complexity of your organisation. The steps will help you identify key business domains, processes, systems, applications and stakeholders that are impacted by GDPR. Moreover, they provide guidelines on how to effectively turn GDPR related business and legal challenges into opportunities to maximise business value.

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