Advanced Research

TRCC provides an international platform where representatives of the industry, government, science and politics can discuss and shape the (important) development of policy on critical infrastructure. We want to make people aware of the importance of cyber resilience and what kind of impact it has on society. The key goal is to share knowledge and work together in building a cyber resilient Canada.

We invite Businesses, Federal Governments, Knowledge and Technology institutions to join us to support us in our mission to “Prepare and Strengthen” Canada for the next Era of Digital Transformation, Defense and Security Challenges.

Cyber Security is a changing environment where attackers are using the latest technologies available to them. Sharing of attack vulnerabilities, new successful hacking techniques and open exposures need to be addressed by those defending our businesses and Infrastructure.

Our current areas of research and investigation to address CS challenges include developing and applying new approaches to:

- Encryption Technologies
- Securing Cloud Computing Services
- Compliance & Privacy Technologies
- Improved Software Engineering Techniques
- Data Encoding and Communication Protocols
- Quantum Cyber Security Technologies
- Human Elements in Cybersecurity

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