Post Graduate Cyber Security Training

Top-level Training Objectives and Outcomes

This course is designed for those graduates/post-graduates who have been identified as individuals of ‘high potential’ and are being fast-tracked to positions of authority in both public and private sector organisations.

The course will cover the following objectives:

- Reinforcing and developing existing Cyber Security and Information Assurance knowledge;
- To explore the genesis of Information Assurance from 1997 through to current day;
- To discuss the evolving Threat landscape and types of Generic Threat;
- To identify and manage effectively Information Assets and Business Critical Assets;
- Explore relevant legislation, legal rights and corporate and personal liabilities and responsibilities;
- Ensure all candidates have a shared baseline understanding of the critical importance of developing and promoting the right Cyber Security culture;
- Students know where to find further information and support; and have an opportunity for further development through coaching and mentoring.

Target Audience

Graduates / Post Graduates


5 days

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