Cyber Security for Boards

Top-level Training Objectives and Outcomes

This leading edge Board-Level Training and Mentoring Programme will include:
- An in-depth executive training programme and one-to-one mentoring to enhance capability and knowledge;
- The evolving Cyber Threat landscape; including key vulnerabilities, risks and countermeasures;
- Key knowledge on understanding how Cyber Security impacts roles and responsibilities;
- Be provided with an overview of best practices on topics including: Strategy and Governance; Business Information Risk Management and Business Security Resilience;
- Physical and Social Engineering Cyber security awareness;
- Training on conducting a physical security survey and assessment of a residential property, as well as best practice on improving physical security;
- Crisis Management/Cyber Security scenario;
- A unique, personalised development programme tailored to the Board member’s needs.

Target Audience

Senior Level Executives


5 days

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