Cyber Security Awareness

Top-level Training Objectives and Outcomes

This interactive Cyber Security Awareness course will cover:
- Why knowledge of Cyber Security is critical;
- An understanding of how Cyber Security impacts their role and business;
- Cyber Security and Information Assurance best practice, as well as the multiple Threats and consequences (including social media);
- An overview of the relevant law (for example the Data Protection Act 1998 and impending EU changes), legal rights and their responsibilities;
- The importance of Information Assurance including:
o Strategy and governance;
o Information risk management;
o Identifying and managing business information assets;
- Real world case studies, scenarios and e-learning assessment and de-mystify Cyber Security and associated terms and jargon;
- Physical and Social Engineering Cyber security awareness;
- Training on conducting a physical security survey and assessment of a residential property, as well as best practice on improving physical security.

Target Audience

All levels of your organisation


5 days

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