Board Level: Cyber Security for Senior Executives and SIROs

Top-level Training Objectives and Outcomes

This leading-edge Board-Level Training and Mentoring Programme is delivered by experts who are appointed according to the industry and Board member’s individual needs.

The programme is highly interactive providing a robust programme of learning and personal development. It consists of in-depth executive training and one-to-one mentoring to enhance capability and knowledge in a challenging and dynamic business environment. Furthermore, the programme is flexible to the needs and interests of individuals and organisations.

Benefits of the programme:
- Access to an exceptionally experienced Board Level Mentor to discuss specific challenges;
- Support for the personal development of the Board member, in their individual role and as a member of the Executive Team;
- A unique, personalised programme tailored to the Board member’s needs;
- Access to a wide network of contacts and knowledge through their Executive Trainer and Professional Mentor.

Target Audience

Senior Executives and SIROs


1 day course/ programme over 6 months

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