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We Provide “Full Spectrum” Cyber Security Services

Our Virtual CISO as a Service

How does it work?

Our Cyber Resilience 360 Assessment is based on the best in business award winning solutions. Our team of seasoned security experts provide you with a holistic view of your organisation's Cyber Security maturity and actionable insights to ensure business continuity in a cost effective and efficient manner.

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Our Tailored Cyber Security solutions are designed to fit the needs of your business

in order to provide you with an integrative and enhanced view of the current state of your organisation's cyber security readiness, our Cyber 360 vulnerability assessments also evaluate all 133 of the requirements in the ISO 27001 standard that are designed to achieve the 39 objectives of the standard within its 11 key areas. Moreover, our bespoke vCISO support includes:

  • Cyber Security Leadership, Guidance and Strategy
  • Policy, Process, and Procedure Development
  • Cyber Security Risk Management
  • Identification and Access Management
  • Development and Implementation of Disaster Recovery Plans and Business Continuity Plans
  • Incident Response planning and impact analysis
  • Tailored Cyber Security Training and Awareness
  • Cyber Security Penetration Testing
  • Conducting Supply Chain Security Assessments
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Services We Provide

Covered in These Areas

Cyber Vulnerability Assessments
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Readiness in 90 Days
Cybersecurity Education & Certification
Cyber Risk Advisory
V-CISO, V-CIO, V-CSO. V-CDO as a service
Penetration Testing
Social Engineering / Phishing Simulations
Governance, Risk and Compliance Assessments
Tailored Cybersecurity Workshops
Cyber Security Essentials for Small and Medium Businesses

Our Cyber Security Essential services are designed to provide Small and Medium businesses with the necessary security controls, awareness and training to minimise the risks associated with Cyber-attacks across the organisation.

Cyber Security Program for the Enterprise

The Master Class security offer is designed for Board of Directors & CXO's of Large organisations & Governments Institutions who require the most up to data and holistic approach to security for their organisations.

Education & Certification of the New Cyber Workforce

TRCC provides bespoke security education services to Post Secondary Cyber Security educational institutions providing the latest advancements in Enterprise and Critical Infrastructure Cyber Resiliency programs to prepare students for real-world environments.

Advanced Research

TRCC have direct involvement on Advance Cyber Security Research to ensure the latest Cyber Threats, Detection and Prevention techniques.

Certified Security Education Solutions
Great Business Value

TRCC provides full spectrum cost effective and efficient business driven Cyber Security solutions.

One Stop Shop

Our comprehensive Cyber Security offering helps your organizations effectively and efficiently Capture, Create and Deliver Business Value with IT, in a Secure, Reliable, Cost Effective and Simple Manner.

Dedicated and Driven Team

We have specialists in every area of Cyber Defense to deliver the results you need. Field expert knowledge combined with international experience means you have the depth of experience and knowledge you need to maximize your business value.

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